“If you thought life was bad, get a load of death.” 

A feature film comedy drama set in the afterlife.

Martin, a world-weary guide to the newly deceased, is keen to keep his head down and mind his own business as he dreams of finally moving ‘Up There’. His life is thrown into disarray however when he loses an errant lost soul and is forced to team up with relentlessly chirpy Rash. Sent out into the bleak hinterlands Martin falls for the mysterious Liz who is also struggling to come to terms with her demise. It is on this journey that Martin slowly faces up to the realities of his (non) existence. 

Burn Gorman, Kate O’Flynn, Aymen Hamdouchi

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Winner of two BAFTA (Scotland) Awards: Best Film and Best Director
Winner of the Independent Spirit Award, Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Winner of Excellence Award at Rincon International Film Festival


Zam Salim

Zam Salim

Annalise Davis


 ‘A work of quirky originality… the film conjures the ghosts of Jacques Tati or the more comedic ventures of Roman Polanski in the 1960s.’
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Santa Barbara Film Festival Gives Its Top Prize to Zam Salim’s ‘Up There’
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Five star review: “[While] Up There is jam-packed with dry Scottish humour and absurd situations brought on by the dead’s physical handicap, the film never fails to engage with its audience on a more philosophical level”
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Film School Reject Review (Santa Barbara) “An off-kilter, pure candy UK offering”
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Movie gazette review: ‘An original comedy gem about the afterlife that’s both darkly sarcastic and moving. As close to real British humour as you can get.’
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Top Five Pick of Glasgow Film Festival:
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Glasgow Film Festival write-up: ‘Zam Salim’s keenly awaited first feature is a witty, wonderfully lugubrious dark comedy that views life after death in a way that you have never seen before.’
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Rule 1: How To Be Dead. Accept your new world.

Rule 2: How To Be Dead. Choose Your Friends Wisely.

Rule 3: How To Be Dead. Don’t get caught peeking.

Rule 4: How To Be Dead. Be Positive.

Rule 5: How to be Dead. Be Patient.

Rule 6: How to be Dead. Avoid Starers and Wailers.